When to Call Us

Call when the burden of helping your senior family member is no longer a joyful moment. I can help restore the parent/child balance.

Call when your client's paperwork needs to be gathered and organize for taxes, insurance filing, etc. I can help.

Call me when you are simply just too busy. I can help.

Services and What We Do

Prepare checks for signature, Pay bills, Organize bills and financial records, Balance checkbook, and Sort mail.

Bring client to Bank or Medical Appointments as requested, Follow up on medical bills.

Work with attorneys/accountants to locate/organize documents for projects, etc.

Negotiate with third parties concerning bills, insurance claims, and other household issues.

Routine correspondence.

Eldercare Advocate Services

• We provide seniors and families with appropriate information and referrals.

• Special Gift Selection, sending cards

• Do you have a special event you’d like to have organized for a senior? Let us help!

Since 1993

Our Mission

Let's Pay Bills & More works with seniors and their families to make life simpler and, hopefully, more joyful. As a Daily Money Manager, I assist clients in bill paying and keeping records in order. I review bill paying records and financial statements from banks and other institutions. Also, I follow up with medical bills, such as ambulance, MD, or other medical providers. As we age, some of these tasks may become challenging or we may simply not have the time to complete them. At LPB&M, we help. We also offer "Warm Smiles" senior care. Please contact us for more information.


<h3>Anne Fitzpatrick-Neu <br>
Founder & Principal<br>
Let's Pay Bills & More </h3>

Anne Fitzpatrick-Neu
Founder & Principal
Let's Pay Bills & More

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